III. Kaschau Industrial Gathering

III. Kaschau Industrial Gathering
koncert Piatok 17. Február 2017 19:00 Fabricafe

Kaschau Industrial Gathering is a meeting of all fans of forward-thinking and/or dark musical and artistic expression. Darkness is an essential antidote to ubiquitous gluey sweetness of media representing shallowness and servility as seen everywhere. We gather our electronic apparatus to improvise and live act in a celebration of chaos, control and ascension.

Caron Dimonio (ITA) Caron Dimonio is an experimental two-man-band from Bologna, Italy. With their two releases "Gestalt" and "Solaris" they showed us a post-punk sound which you never have heard before.

NEVICA (ITA) Gianluca lo Presti is the man behind Nevica, an electro-noise project from Italy. In addition to being engaged in songwriting, the artist delights in a series of improvisations substantially electro-noise, all of them performed live by himself with synt effects, bass and loop station.

DEAD JANITOR Dead Janitor is a one-man-project now based from Košice, Slovakia. His polyrhytmic electronic music with ambient and industrial influences for sure will challenge the listener's ear. Check out his new album Proximity on BC!